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Information for companies

Get your company registered

Before sending an application, companies have to get registered with FiBL. It is a requirement that the company registering with FiBL also effectively sells the products intended for submission in the Netherlands. The registration is effected through filling the distributor registration form and submitting it to FiBL. The required form can be found below.

Distributor registration form

Submit products for evaluation

The following forms are to be used for making a product submission for the Dutch Input List. Please select the respective form dedicated to the product category your product can be assigned to. 

For certain materials the evaluation team requires a non-GMO declaration. Those materials are specified in the evaluation criteria. If relevant please use the following form: Non-GMO declaration template. 

Please send your applications in PDF-Format to: Pia Pedross.

Other relevant documents

Publication dates and submission deadlines

There are no more formal submission deadlines. We advise companies to submit applications at least 6 weeks before the next update of the list. If applications are submitted at a too late stage, the decision on the product`s inclusion might need to be postponed to the following evaluation round.

The fourteenth update of the Dutch Input List is scheduled for autumn 2021. The exact date will be announced on this page once known.


Evaluation fee: EUR 200.00 per product.
Listing fee: EUR 100.00 per product per year.

Further details on the fees and fee policy can be found in chapter 6 of the application guidance.

Product claims for products listed on the Dutch Input List

For products which are included in the Dutch inputs list, the following claims may be used on the product packaging and label, in PR materials and in the internet:

  • In English: ‘may be used in Dutch organic farming’ and/or ‘registered in the Dutch inputs list for organic farming’
  • In Dutch: ‘het product mag gebruikt worden in de Nederlandse biologische landbouw’ and/or ‘het product is geregistreerd op de Nederlandse inputlijst voor de biologische landbouw’

Use of names and logos

The names and logos of FiBL, Skal as well as the EU organic logo and the logos of private label organisations must not be used on the product packaging and label, in PR materials in PR materials or on websites.