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FAQs - For companies

What is the advantage of the Dutch inputs list?
The Dutch inputs list creates transparency regarding the possibilities for using inputs on Dutch organic farms.

Why should I register my products?
Certified organic farmers in the Netherlands will know that the registered products may be used on their farms. By contrast, the use of a non-registered product may cause problems during organic inspection.

Is it necessary to re-submit products which have already  been approved for organic farming in another country, e.g. Germany?
Yes. Because the evaluation procedures and criteria are not identical for different countries, you have to register all products, even if they have been approved for organic farming in other countries.

How can I register my products?
All steps of the registration procedure are explained in the document ‘Application Guidance’.

What information is required for registration?
All data requirements are explained in the document ‘Evaluation Criteria’.

Which kinds of products can be registered?
At the moment, the Dutch inputs list comprises fertilisers, soil conditioners, plant protection products and related products. For a detailed specification of the scope, please consult the document ‘Evaluation Criteria’. Please note that the scope might be expanded in the future.

How long is the registration valid?
The product evaluation is valid for five years. However, the listing of each product has to be confirmed each year.

How can I proove that my products are registered?
You can generate a certificate of conformity in PDF format, either for a selected product or for all products of your company. For a detailed explanation, see the page How to use.