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FAQs - for farmers

How can I find out whether a product was previously included in the Dutch Input List?
We have added an archive on the page ‘About the co-operation’. There, you can find lists of products which were authorized by the end of each calendar year.

Does the Dutch inputs list also apply for potting soils (substrates)?
From autumn 2017 on, pre-packaged potting soils with a brand name will also be included. Farm-specific mixes of potting soils (usually sold in bulk) will not be included.

What is the advantage of the Dutch inputs list?
The Dutch inputs list creates transparency regarding the possibilities for using inputs on Dutch organic farms.

How can I find the most suitable product?
The Dutch inputs list can be searched by product category (e.g. ‘nitrogen-rich fertilizers’), by product name or by company. Once you have found a product, you can view the contact details of the supplier. For more explanations, see the page How to use.

Can I use products which are listed for organic farming in another country, e.g. Germany?
No. Because the evaluation procedures and criteria are not identical for different countries, you may only use those products which are listed in the Dutch Inputs list.

What about products which are listed or certified as organic input by other control bodies: do they have the same status as the listed products on the Dutch input list?
No, products which are listed or certified by other control bodies are not automatically equal to the Dutch input list. Because the evaluation procedures and criteria are not identical, these products have to be evaluated and registered too for the Dutch input list.

I want to use an input which is not registered. What should I do?
Motivate the company to register the product, then you can use it. All information regarding product registration can be found on page for companies.

What happens if I use a product which is not registered in the Dutch inputs list?
If you use a product which is not listed, you have to prove during inspection that the use of the product is allowed, otherwise it will be treated by Skal as a non-conformity. If you motivate the company to register the product at this stage, the technical evaluation will be taken into account by Skal.

How can I proove to the inspector that the products are registered?
You can generate a certificate of conformity in PDF format, either for a selected product or for all products of that company. For a detailed explanation, see the page How to use.