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About the co-operation

Partners in the co-operation

The Dutch inputs list is produced in co-operation by Skal and FiBL. Skal is an accredited certifier that certifies companies engaged in organic activities in the Netherlands, and is the publisher of the list. FiBL has long-term experience with inputs evaluation, and carries out the technical evaluation of products.

Skal: Stichting Skal Biocontrole, postbus 384, 8000 AJ Zwolle, The Netherlands
FiBL: Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), Ackerstrasse 113, 5070 Frick, Switzerland

Advisory board
The Dutch Input List  is assisted by an advisory board. 
For question regarding the advisory board you may contact: Team landbouw


The first update of the Dutch Input List has been published on 16 December 2016.
Furhter updates have been published regularly:

2nd  update - 7 April 2017
3rd update - 8 July 2017
4th update - 27 October 2017
5th update - 26 February 2018
6th update - 23 June 2018
7th update - 10 November 2018
8th update - 5 April 2019
9th update - 29 July 2019
10th update - 16 December 2019
11th update - 11 May 2020
12th update - September 2020.


The archive of the Dutch Input List, outlining the set of products that have been included on the Dutch Input List throughout the calendar years, can be found in the below folder.